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DIAMOND INTEGRATED COMPANY. a drug testing laboratory & dot physical exam.

DIAMOND INTEGRATED COMPANY. a drug testing laboratory & dot physical exam.

DIAMOND INTEGRATED COMPANY. a drug testing laboratory & dot physical exam.DIAMOND INTEGRATED COMPANY. a drug testing laboratory & dot physical exam.DIAMOND INTEGRATED COMPANY. a drug testing laboratory & dot physical exam.

The home of drug testing & DOT Physical.Occupational health services

Escreen-Alere,Quest & Lab corp preferred collection site.

dot physical

About our DOT Physical Examination


Our DOT physical consist of basic health exam performed by a certify Medical Examiner includes all health conditions. Some of the conditions we examine are the following:

  • Vision problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Behavioral health / mental health
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Diabetes / other endocrine issues
  • Hearing issues
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Medical issues due to alcohol or drug abuse
  • Potential for stroke
  • Chronic pain
  • Brain injuries or other neurological issues
  • Epilepsy or seizure issues
  • Underlying heart disease
  • Respiratory (breathing) issues

At the end of the examination, you will be issued a certification based on the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation.(FMCSA)


About Us


Why Our Lab

   Diamond Integrated Company is a clinical laboratory. Our mission is to provide quality laboratory services in a timely, accurate, and efficiently manner through the use of advanced technical robotics equipment.  We have created a  laboratory company that we believe will enhance the productivity of our customers.  We are also a full-service occupational health practice experienced in both DOT Physicals and NON-DOT Physicals. Also, we provide urine collections, Breath Alcohol testing, immunizations, blood collections and many more. We work closely with major companies to maintain and improve their drug screening processes. We work with companies to perform their pre-employment, random, post- accident, and reasonable suspicion cases . Our providers believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Also, we believe in educating our patients and companies as we strive to meet their needs and demands. Our medical team is certified to provide the necessary clinical services for your company.Our Board-Certified Nurse Practitioners always consult with the attending Physician prior to working with a patient in order to provide informed and consistent care at all times.  


How We Help

 Dear Valued Customer:
Time Equals Money, which has always been our Philosophy. My name is Influence Salubi, Founder of Diamond Integrated Company; a small minority business that specializes in DOT and NOT DOT Drug Testing Screening including Physicals , Immunization, X Ray, Breath Alcohol testing,Mask fit testing, EKG, and Fingerprinting. As a small business, we understand the importance of quality and efficiency related to customer services. We hope you agree with our business philosophy “Time Equals Money”. If your employees are spending valuable time waiting in long lines or sitting in waiting rooms for Drug Testing , Fingerprinting, DOT Physicals, immunization,Breath Alcohol testing, Diamond Integrated Company will be the partner you need. DIC has high qualitative services for Drug Testing or Fingerprinting, DOT Physicals, immunization,Breath Alcohol testing with attention to details. The rates are reasonable and affordable.
Currently our facility is located on Landover Road, convenient for bus and metro riders. We offer free parking, well lit surroundings, clean facility, and our providers are  professionals and highly trained in the advancement of medicine. We look forward to working with you and providing the services that you require.
We accept walk-ins and after hours appointments. 

Call us today at 301-583-0130. 


Experience the Difference

Diamond Integrated Company is the Leading provider of laboratory services including  Drug Testing ,Fingerprinting, DOT Physicals, immunization,Breath Alcohol testing . We also provide same day results for all drug panels. Our unique Medical  Review Officer works hand in hand with each clinician on duty.We have trained Certified Collectors who will walk you through our services. There is  no wait time at Diamond Integrated Company.  


Our Services

The following are some of our services


* Urine Drug Testing

* Immunizations

* Sport Physical

* Regular Physical



* DNA Testing

* Hair Drug Testing

* Saliva Drug Testing

* Security Physical

* X- Ray or Imaging

* Breath Alcohol Testing

* Respiratory Mask Fit Test ( Qualitative and Quantitative)

* Blood Work, Blood Draws.

* DOT Physical

* Non DOT Physical

* Random Drug Testing 

* Post Accident Drug Testing 

* Pre-employment Drug Testing

* Reasonable Suspicion

* Blood Pressure Check 

* 5 - 13 panel Drug Testing 

* On-call  Services

* After Hours Services

* MMR Titer

* Varicella Titer

* Hep-B Titer HbsAb (screening for immunity)

* Notary Services

Drug Screening @ Diamond Integrated Co.


We offer varieties of drug testing including DOT and non DOT. We Also offer random, pre-employment,reasonable suspicion, post accident and promotion drug testing.

We also provides instant drug testing with same day result in 5 mins. We are rated number one  in the nation for drug screening.

Our urinalysis testing is the most common form of drug testing in the nation. We work closely with clinicians and MRO who carefully reviews all negative and positive results.

Most Companies who rely on urine testing for drug use, Use us to help provide a safe working environment.Due to companies needs for results, we provide same day result and very affordable. Our lab is designed to meet the most stringent urine collection procedures for any company. All collection steps are taken necessary to ensure that the individual being tested can not tamper with the urine or adulterate the specimen they provided while they are in the collection facility.

The following are our standard 5 panel urine drug test.

THC Marijuana





We also offer expanded panel 6 - 14

















Ethanol Urine


DNA Paternity @ Diamond Integrated Co.


Diamond Integrated Company is one of the largest DNA testing Companies in the nation.We offers comprehensive DNA Testing services for paternity and other family relationships. We perform over 2500 DNA test annually.

The following are the type of DNA we offer

1. Court Case

2. Immigration

3. Personal 

4. Adoption

5. Family History 

Contact Us


The Home of drug testing, Physical  examination, Immunization, DNA testing, Blood Work, Urine drug testing etc



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